Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And Now A Message For The Soul

I am now, officially, in a settled holding pattern. The County Prosecutor will start working on the case at the end of this week and I have nine more days until the petition for divorce comes due.

I have no more tasks on my task list for a few days. Perhaps that is why I'm finally finding the songs for my Ipod that get passed pissed off.

For being a quasi Buddhist with a secular bon vivant, I appear to need the assistance of black gospel singers to plumb the depths of my soul. I now have the Blind Boys of Alabama, Mahalia Jackson, Odetta, and Aretha Franklin (churchy, not sassy), and Sweet Honey In The Rock on a playlist.

Being a quasi Buddhist, I believe I was here before and when it comes to what speaks to my soul, all I can say is that I highly doubt I was a pale skinny white girl.

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