Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looking for a Cheerleader

Today is the one month anniversary of my life's new path.

Sorry America, but I'm absconding with Barack today. Just today. You can have him back tomorrow.

Watching all the "pre-game" coverage on the news last night, I just wanted to put all his wonderful words, positive and strong and hopeful, in my pocket. Along with him.

You never know when you might need an instant cheering section.

What the hell! Michelle can come to!

I have never in my life looked at a first couple and thought "I would LOVE to have a beer with them!" But I do now.

So my soon-to-be-ex-husband is now deciding not to talk to the police. He is exercising his right to remain silent. Of course, this sent me off on another piss fit until I realized that "of course he doesn't want to talk!" He doesn't want to reveal anything that his victim might have forgotten! What a guy! So brave, noble and true!

But my favorite police woman tells me that it doesn't matter. The report will be on the county prosecutor's desk today.

Next step is sentencing, providing he keeps his word that he won't take it to trial. I'm hoping that sentencing will happen this week.

And then there is the victim impact statement. I want to deliver one. I want to stand up in front of my soon-to-be-ex husband and let him know exactly what he has done.

And for that? I think I'm gonna need my Pocket Obama.

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