Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let's Start Thinking About That Harkness Family Vacation

Let's play a little escapist game.
Last summer, as I got into hiking, I thought it would be really neat to do a hiking weekend or week as a family vacation. I actually asked my son if he would be interested in doing this and he said he would. My daughter might be working at a summer camp this summer so she probably wouldn't be in on this. Just me and my son.

I can't imagine that he is going to be into building up a lot of stamina to do a huge hike but I'm thinking it would be fun to hike on the Superior Hiking Trail for ten miles or so, come to a lodge, sleep the night, and continue on another ten miles or so where we can pick up our car. I know that there are actual taxi services that will take people from their car to various spots on the trail so we would probably try to do that. There is even mention of it on the Superior Hiking Trail site.

Now, I have a couple books on the Lake Superior Hiking Trail but does anyone out there have any stories of their favorite hikes and where we might spend the night? I wouldn't mind camping but that might be a bit much for my son. I'd like to strike a nice balance between what I'd like and what he would like.



amyroz said...

Think about trying the HIGHEST POINT IN MN! Eagle Mtn in Grand Marais. Kerry & I have done in together & brought the kids more recently. It is a great summer hike. It took a good part of the day to hike it, including a long picnic lunch on the top. Beautiful view..... Lots of places to stay in Grand Marais or along the way up there.. Sven & Ole's is always worthy of a stop!

Anonymous said...

The trailhead from Silver bay north towards Palisade Head and Shovel Pt. is beautiful. You run into Bean and Bear Lakes which are just surreal. There is a primitive campsite at the edge of Bear Lake and it is quite beautiful with walls of scree all around you. You can continue on to Lax lake if you wish which is larger and just as beautiful in other ways. It's some pretty brutal trail (for flat-ass Minnesota) so I don't know if it'd be as fun on a bike as it is on foot, but this is just my 2 cents worth.
-some tool in Mpls.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts are keep it local. Consider Jay Cook State Park, the other "end" of the Superior Hiking Trail. Stay at the Munger Inn across from the zoo or rent a room in Carlton/Cloquet area. Look for the sturgeon in the St. Louis River, or the blue crayfish on the banks. Lots of stuff to see, an amazing amount of wilderness seclusion near civilization (wolves, bears, and some deer so frickin' tame that if you toss an apple toward them, they run and grab it before it hits the ground!)
Lots of trails, lots of history, lots of fun.

You might get lucky and run into people from the Cities who occasionally wander around, lost in the "park" they thought would only be a day trip.

Keep us posted.

Cursing Mama said...

call bear track outfitters in grand marais - they have some great little cabins that are right of the SHT