Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Good Day Spoiled

Well, just before I went into get my taxes done, I made a call to the divorce lawyer only to learn that within two days of the petition for divorce being final, Dumb Fuck, formally known as S-T-B-Ex, has now contested the divorce.

Apparently he had an issue with the fact that I put the money from our bank account into a single account after we had "agreed" to split the $4700 that we had to our name when I knew he was just a cheater and not a pedophile.

This news came within fifteen minutes of me reading the particulars of the molestation which were listed in the charges being brought against him. I found out exactly what he did and now HE'S MAD AT ME.

This after receiving his crocodile tears on the phone the day after admitting to me that molested our child (before the order of protection kicked in). He weepily told me that the kids needed to get into counseling. This was the point when I told him to fuck himself. His chance to be a good father were blown to hell a long time ago.

So I guess I'm supposed to get the kid's into counseling when I have no health insurance, the request for state victim aid takes 4-6 months, and I'm paying all the bills that two people used to pay?

He is paying a lawyer at least a $1500 retainer fee in order to recover less than $2500 from the family that he destroyed.

It's a good thing I got the Linkin Park CD from the Superior Library today because I have just found another song that totally sums up where I am at this exact moment.


Shelly said...

Contesting? CONTESTING? JeeeeeezuzMaryNJosef...

I'm so glad that crazy people are at least fun to laugh at, or the overwhelming urge to Kill 'Em All would take over everything.

Debbie said...

I had a baseball bat, a can of gasoline, and a shit load of matches last night and THANKFULLY, as I've said before, I have wonderful friends. I was talked down and ended up alternating between pacing the house in rage and curling up in a ball to cry. And then it was time to start my 14 hour work day today.