Monday, February 02, 2009

Kate Winslett, Eat Your Heart Out

Once again, let me state, I have wonderful friends!

There, just had to make sure I said that up front.

This weekend was an odd mix of being sick with a rotten cold and my attempts to deny it. I've been wanting to start a training program for newbie runners but when it's cold I use that as an excuse to stay in the house and work out on my glider. I was hoping that the warmer weather this weekend would inspire me to get started but then I woke up with fifty pounds of snot in my head.

I also had public rink time written down for the Heritage Center indoor ice rink and I figured I would do a little ice skating there.

I can sense that spring is coming and I'm getting antsy.

Instead of all of the above, I woke up Sunday morning and read on Perfect Duluth Day that there was access to skating on Lake Superior and at 7 am I was gone. Ice conditions were better than at Portman Rec Center and I think the City of Duluth should hire Mother Nature as their ice tender.

All I can say is that skating against the headwind toward the lift bridge for awhile and then flipping around, holding out your arms like a sail, and letting the wind propel you on a crazy assed nature ride was a blast. It was also therapeutic, at this precise moment, to scream my soon-to-be-ex-husband's name followed by a wooping "FUCK YOU!"

I'm gonna bet that the ice fisherman were entertained as well.

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