Sunday, February 01, 2009

When Corgis Attack

Yeah, I always hated that pillow too.

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Rebecca Hartong said...

Hey, at least it was only a pillow. I had a German Shepherd who once killed an entire sofa in a single afternoon. I came home from work and my front door wasn't opening all the way. As I finally shoved it open far enough to get in the house, I saw why. Alex had pulled the sofa across the room, using a chunk of upholstery as a handle. One side of the sofa was down to the bare wood and there was that white fluffy stuff all over the house. He must have had a great time doing it but, I have to admit, I yelled at him. I feel kind of guilty about that now. Sure, he needed to learn not to do stuff like that, but... he was so happy and proud of his work!