Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pedophiles In Cheap Ass Suits

My friend thought he looked uncomfortable.

My daughter and I told her it was because he was wearing a suit.

The arraignment lasted two minutes. He got to go first because the serious cases get to go first.

Thanks to having a fancy lawyer, he didn't have to come into the room until the very last minute. And then his lawyer was notified that we had an official "advocate" with us by the court.

I s'pose he was notified so he was extra careful not to fuck up or something.

The infuriating thing was that they didn't even read out what he was being charged with. His lawyer just broke in and said "Due to the nature of the charges, we move to schedule the omnibus hearing."

Hmmm. What a concept. Having a CHOICE as to being humiliated. Having a CHOICE as to staying safely behind your chosen person of protection.


Something not granted to your own child.

As soon as they were done, they breezed out of the courtroom and my friend and I jumped up because we were totally ready to run out of the courtroom and slam the door into him in our haste to fuck him up in the hallway.

That's when having an advocate was PROBABLY a good idea. She very calmly said "Sit down...sit down...give it a minute...sit down..."

So I sat. And we waited while other people without fancy lawyers got to stand up and discuss in detail why they stoled from the grocery store.

Wow. Theft.

That's heavy.

So now we go to the next level. Omnibus hearing, March 9th at 1:30.

Plenty of time to get the lies straight.

I have never hated someone so much in my entire life.


Rebecca Hartong said...

What IS an "omnibus hearing"?

Debbie said...

Q. What is an omnibus hearing?
A. An omnibus hearing is a pretrial hearing on evidentiary issues in felony and gross misdemeanor cases. If this hearing is "uncontested," it is usually held within two weeks of the arraignment. If this hearing is "contested," with a need for testimony, it will usually be held no sooner than four to six weeks after the arraignment because these contested hearings have to be assigned to a specific district court judge.

The defendant and his attorney will be at the omnibus hearing along with a prosecutor from the County Attorney’s Office. At the uncontested omnibus hearing, the defendant may waive the hearing, entering a not guilty plea, and the matter will be set for a jury trial. The defendant may also plead guilty at the uncontested omnibus hearing. A third alternative at the uncontested omnibus hearing is for the presiding judge to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to proceed to trial based on a reading of the police reports in the district court file.

At a contested omnibus hearing, there is usually testimony from law enforcement officers about the facts being relied upon for probable cause; about statements taken from the defendant; and/or about evidence seized from the defendant. Based on this testimony the district court judge is asked to make a decision whether there is sufficient probable cause for the defendant to stand trial, as well as whether statements and other evidence obtained from the defendant by law enforcement officers are admissible evidence at trial. Only if the judge determines there is insufficient facts for probable cause will the case be dismissed. Otherwise a trial, guilty plea, or other resolution will follow the omnibus hearing.

Only if the judge determines there is insufficient facts for probable cause will the case be dismissed. Otherwise a trial, guilty plea, or other resolution will follow the omnibus hearing.

Debbie said...

This info came from the St. Louis County Attorney's office webpage. I'm not such a great law expert that I can just spit out this crap.

Rebecca Hartong said...

Heh... a very thorough answer, though. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I dont consider the hallway fuckup a done deal. I am not over that. I merely consider it "thwarted for the time being by a rational mind who will remain nameless but she is silver in her ability to control the vagina's with teeth". Make no mistake my friend. My mission has evolved to make being uncomfortable in a suit the least of this jagon's problems when in the same room as me. I dont know my total methods yet, but I am not above spitballs either. Just so you know. Hmph.