Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Divorced By Father's Day???

Hopefully, this whole divorce schtick will be done in a month. There wasn't a lot of differences and the two lawyers are hopefully going to get this shit straight soon.

We were both excused from mandatory parenting class. When the judge asked about custody and I said I had it, I also made sure to mention the order for protection. When the judge didn't know about the criminal case, I started to open my mouth but my lawyer made sure to pat my arm and say "I'll handle this". Smart lady. My next words were going to be involve twenty nine variants of the word pedophile.

Things I learned ? He got fired from his job. Since he was a contract employee, he is getting no money for unemployment. It might come down to a point of settling for no child support in lieu of me paying him money for the house. We'll just have to see how it all shakes out but I'm willing to walk away from him with that deal. If I were forced to pay him a single red cent for this house, I would simply lock the door and walk away. I'm sure my credit will be ruined sooner or later and I'm willing to ruin my credit before I give him so much as $1.00,

I had my hate filled glare going. We were kept well apart before the hearing and separated by two lawyers during the hearing. But I made sure to look him in the eye when I had the chance, and send my most hate filled vibes his way.

He is a sorry, pathetic piece of shit. Hopefully, I'll be rid of him before the criminal trial commences. (By the way, our criminal trial judge is on personal leave. Yeee-haw.) I did find out that he is going to the Center for Sexual Health which I'm sure will be used in the criminal trial to show that he's really a responsible guy.

Speaking from someone who has been abused, the fact that he was abused cuts no slack with me. It fucks you up and it frankly, the willingness to screw another person up in the same manner is even more reprehensible.

I'm sure his girlfriend will be there for him. Along with her 6 year old daughter.

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Shelly said...

Speaking also as someone who was abused, let us just say....you have choices (as you have also clearly stated before). You can CHOOSE to be an awful person and blame your abuser. OR...you can rise above it and be a good person, and give your abuser exactly what they deserve, which is not another ounce of YOU. They have already taken more than their fair share, so, fuck 'em.