Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened While You Were Cyber-Fucking Your Girlfriend

I had another idea for a post today. I wanted to get all deep and explore whether or not a pedophile can ever really understand what love is. Due to the very nature of their self-centered victim mentality, whether they can actually comprehend that love means respect and give and take and mutual caring and understanding. I don't believe they can. If they have never known love as a child, they are certainly not going to learn it as an adult.

Which means that a victim of incest who is tearing herself apart because she is SUPPOSED to love her father and her father was SUPPOSED to protect her and care for her, but yet her father did horrible things to her and in no way exhibited that he loved her, is in fact tearing herself apart for an ideal which never existed in the first place. You don't treat someone you love like this. Consequently, you have never been loved by this person, you have only been used for their own selfish purposes.

BUT, all this is basically moot today. All this is being shoved to the back burner. Why, you might ask? Because not only did this perverted fucking asshole ruin our lives but we are currently living with the fact that, the two and a half times that he actually hauled his lard ass up from his chair to do something, he did it in such a half assed way that we are now paying the price.

What do you do when your sump pump is making funny noises? Why, you unplug it of course! And what do you do when your wife asks you what the "next step" is? You continue to play World of Warcraft, give a long exasperated sigh, and start bitching about having to "deal" with it. You, nonetheless, give the impression that you will indeed, do something.

But just like all the other projects in the house, you don't "deal" with it. You unplug the sump pump and let it float in the ever increasing well of water in which it is supposed to be pumping.

Gotta meet your level 7 healer online! Gotta call her on the phone so you can have pathetic loser phone sex! Gotta convince her that you're the victim and everyone else is SO MEAN TO YOU!

Gotta do everything for yourself and fuck the rest of your family.

And you're pissed off at me in the midst of this divorce???? Wanna see a flooded basement? Want to know what it feels like to have every single aspect of your life crumbling around your ears and all you can think about is that three hour cell phone conversation with your bitch in Wisconsin? Cuz, you know, that's where your REAL responsibility was!

And when the fucking pedo reads this along with his fucking girlfriend and her doormat husband and his co-dependant siblings and the rest of the god damn universe that is hell bent on making our lives suck as much as possible, might I just say this


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