Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hot Water! Welcome to the Twentieth Century!

Hmmmm. I wonder if there is a way to tell your online friends that you're going to prison...

I found that article to be so pathetic...but anything associated with online gaming is pathetic to me.

I finally got to meet with the prosecuting attorney yesterday. He chatted with my daughter in his office for a bit and then answered some of my questions. It was nice to be able to touch base with him and let him know how I was feeling. He seemed like a nice guy and it felt good to finally meet a lawyer that I honestly believed was on my side.

Today has been spent making and freezing meals as last week we ate out WAY to much. Between all the school activities, group therapy, solo therapy, lawyer appointments, and whatever else happens to pop us, there is rarely an evening when we don't have something to do. Put that on top of the fact that I feel like I'm holding myself together with bubblegum and good intentions and needless to say, coming home and cooking isn't generally high on my list of fun things to do. When your kid asks "Mom, what's for dinner" and you start to weep silently, yeah...kind of an indication that it will be a great night for Cheerios.

I am, however, admitting to FINALLY being in love.

He's a little shorter than me and perhaps built like a brick shit house but ladies I have got to let you in on a little secret...

He's GREAT in the shower!

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