Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Make Up Groupies

Dear Bare Minerals Make up:

You have changed my life.

I'm sure you get letters like this all the time. You know, "Since your product helped me conceal those raccoon eyes caused from not sleeping for two weeks, I no longer look like a stand in from the film 'Night of the living Dead'."

But it's true. For years I didn't bother with make up because I felt that I had nothing to hide. People would have to accept me for what I was and if they couldn't, that was their problem.

But then, a couple months ago, I hit a bit of a rough patch. I realized that I wanted to do something for myself. Something simple. Something to hide the blotchy skin that goes along with too many hours of crying my eyes out.

I tried drug store make up. I tried the stuff that I wore when I was sixteen.

Note to self: I'm not sixteen anymore.

I walked out of the bathroom and was informed by my more knowledgeable daughter "TOO PINK! TOO PINK!"

I was in danger of looking like a powdered head case until I met your product line.

Your light colored foundation helps out around my nose which is getting way to much kleenex action. Your darker foundation is surprisingly resilient when I find myself with my face on my desk at work, hoping that I can just get through the next 30 minutes of my life.

I also appreciate the tenacity of your lipstick. I can drink 20 cups of coffee in a day and it never comes off on my cup. Of course, by the 18th cup, my hands are shaking so bad that I have coffee stains down the front of my shirt but let me tell you, MY LIPS ARE ROCKIN'!

Last but not least, I love your mineral veil. At this point in my life, getting under any kind of a veil should be considered a triumph.

So I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product line. It is allowing me to fall apart with beauty and grace.


A Devoted Customer

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Shelly said...

Isn't that stuff amazing? When you're trying to decide if you should even allow yourself to be SEEN by the general public because you've been goobing all over yourself and, let's face, it, nobody wants to see that--even the most compassionate don't really like snot.

Have an excellent day!!!