Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring? Spring?

What the hell is Mother Nature thinking? Having a mini blizzard on the first day of spring was bad enough but I nearly froze my ass off this morning walking the dogs.

Normally this is the time of year when people get a little crazy. One more snowflake and it's 29 people gunned down at a local McDonald's. People have had it with winter. They crave the consummate mess that is the mud of spring.

My need for spring is compounded by the fact that I want to get out to my garage and start sorting things to sell. My stuff, of course. It wouldn't be FAIR to sell stbx's stuff. That would be MEAN and UNCARING.

No,I'm just in the mood to pare things down to the bone. I have a three year timeline. After three years, the kids will be out of high school and I will be moving on. It might take another year to get them settled in their next adventure and myself employed far,far away but the need to live life to the bone is strong right now. The less shit you have, the easier it is to move through life. I have gypsy in my blood, always have, always will.

And I wouldn't sell stbx's stuff anyway. I would put it by the side of the road with a large photo of him next to it and a sign that says "Pedophile fire sale-FREE FREE FREE"

However, Mother Nature is bumming me out as I really don't want to price items when I'm freezing my keister off in the garage.

You'd think she's be a little more understanding.

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