Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Miraculous Properties of Beer

I've discovered a great way to lose weight. It involves drinking a single beer.

A single beer.

I am a margarita kind of gal, or wine perhaps. It's been ages since I had a beer.

Even though I'm no longer doing the gluten free diet, I don't eat a lot of bread. I must admit, I felt better when I didn't eat any but occasionally, when the planets align and there is bread or a cookie in front of me, I will imbibe.

But holy sweet merciful Jesus! One beer.

Let's not go into details but this morning, I crawled out of the bathroom where I had spent a considerable amount of the night, and got on the scales for a lark.

Five pounds lost with just one beer.

It's a miracle! Too bad I really didn't want to lose five pounds. I would have rather slept through the night.

Of course today is the day the kids and I are going to start using our scholarship membership to the YMCA. I'm thinking a little Gatorade before I hit the equipment might be in order.

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