Monday, March 30, 2009

Who Is This Person?

How do you know when your co-workers have your back?

When they secretly order your new nameplate for your office door.

It may not be official yet by the eyes of the courts, but it sure feels good to me.

I haven't discussed it too much but there have been times lately when the going has been so rough that I had to tell myself "Maybe Tina __________ couldn't do this, but Christina Harkness can." (Sorry lovies, Debbie is a's time you knew the truth).

Christina Harkness kicks ass.

Christina Harkness has a tattoo and is totally amused by the tattoo community. They will spot your art and immediately bond with you, no matter where you are. In the middle of a quilt shop? Have you ever had someone strip half naked to show you a tattoo while you're browsing the fat quarters? Believe me, it brings a new meaning to the term "fat quarters".

Christina Harkness is thinking about life beyond this mess.

Christina Harkness is a secret agent. A spy. A brain surgeon. An astronaut.

Christina Harkness likes a cute boy and thinks he just might like her back.

Christina Harkness walks with her head held high.

Christina Harkness takes no shit.

Christina Harkness is running a couple miles at a time. This is a big deal for Christina Harkness, as she inherited a rather shitty body.

Christina Harkness will be going to court tomorrow.

Christina Harkness will not be nervous.

Christina Harkness will not throw up afterwards.

You will not see Christina's hands shaking.

Christina will be alright.

Oh, and by the way? Christina's friends ROCK!!!


Mary said...

That nameplate is totally awesome. And the Hotdish Militia shirts aren't too shabby, either!

Bad Cat! said...

That is completely awesome! That's great that your coworkers understand that you don't want to look at *his* last name every time you go into your office.
Even though my name change is legal, I still get have my old name on my nameplate, with my new name spread across two post-its.
I could order a new one, but I feel a weird guilt ordering a new nameplate that no one would see during layoffs...

amyroz said...

Good for you...

Anonymous said...

IF i was a sappy mushy gushy person I would say LOVE YOU!!!

gtr said...

That is an AWESOME name. All good symbolism aside, it just flows well and sounds great together. I carefully considered syllables when naming my son; how great that you got a unique opportunity to do it the other way around!