Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't Pull That Trigger Before Wednesday

Today will prove to be quite the trying day as my group therapy will consist of us telling our stories.

Group has been amazing in that it is always weird to hear your experience coming from someone elses mouth. Also, learning that your quirks, idiosyncrasies, and downright insanity happen to other people too is invaluable.

However the pain in our room hangs like a pall at times. We are less than ten people but when someone reveals a little more about their story, bit by bit, the air rushes out of the room and the anguish, sorrow, and rawness descend. There are times when we reveal such agony that it can only be done while everyone stares at the floor and the speaker is barely conversing in more than a whisper.

Remember the scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when the guy gets his heart ripped out? As he is strapped there, his still beating heart is held in front of his eyes for his own inspection.

Yeah, I wish group was that easy.

The next day is my daughter's first day of therapy and the court date.

Wednesday. Yeah. Wednesday.

I just have to make it til then.

For now, hows about a diversion? Hows about some sewing and quilting books for sale?

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