Monday, April 13, 2009

Hold Onto Your Hats!

I got the opportunity to talk to STBX's divorce attorney this morning. I'm doing our name change on my own, not through my divorce attorney, so I need to get the court date info to STBX. As a sperm donor and pathetic excuse for a father, he is allowed to show up and object if he should so choose.

I'm choosing to go alone on this to save lawyer fees. Law type people have asked me why I don't just wait to get my name changed for free during the divorce, even though that will not change the kid's names.

And I shall respond with my well practiced legalese "WELL DUH!"

It costs the same to change the kid's names as it does to change my name AND the kid's names. Hey law-type people, IT'S ALL THE SAME FEE!!!!

It has nothing to do with money. THAT is why lawyers don't understand.

It has to do with psychology. Lawyers just understand how to lie and bend the truth and fuck you so hard up the ass that your screwed seven ways to Sunday. Or else they are terribly helpful and will do anything for you, provided you are willing to donate a kidney, your left arm, and your first born child.

Either way, you're screwed. Get used to it.

So, as soon as I get my court date, I have to send the paperwork to STBX's lawyer and he will get it to STBX. Then, I will bring my kids to court along with my witnesses who can confirm our identity and vouch for the fact that we were only on a summer vacation when we went to that terrorist training camp in Afghanistan two years ago (yeah, that's a joke by the way...).

It's going to be interesting to see if he objects. In all of the horrible douchbaggery that he has perpetrated upon this family, I think objecting to our name change would put me right over the edge. It would simply be a cold-hearted mind fuck, a way of screwing us just to screw us.

Which means, I wouldn't doubt that he shows up.

I have to believe that his history with our family and the ages of our kids (they are old enough to make an informed decision and explain it to the court) would certainly sway the judge over to our corner.

But if he wants to be an ass, I guess he'll have to be prepared to be called a pedophile in open court and listen to what his kids really think of him.

Choices. Ain't life just full of'em?

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