Sunday, April 19, 2009

How's Your Sock Life?

I've been knitting for awhile now after giving it up for a year due to joint pain. Basically, I still have the joint pain but as long as I don't overdue it, I can knit a couple times a week.

So, what is a knitter to do when she wants to show a little appreciation to a new friend? Why, she knits him something. Something small. Something that everyone can use.

Why, socks of course.

The thing is, I'm not to a point in our friendship where I care to sidle up beside him, give him a coy, appraising glance, and say in a throaty Eartha Kitt purr

"So, How big ARE your feet?"

I'm already going for a washable wool since he is a guy and guys don't wash wool with an eye to not making them into baby booties. And I'm not going for any kind of pattern because there is a good chance that a pattern would be seen as "too poofty".

Plain grey. Ribbed for pleasure.

But how to cleverly measure his feet? I want a complete and total surprise, no knitting up to the toe and then springing the surprise on him. They must be done and ready to rock.

Can I orchestrate standing RIGHT next to him and putting my foot next to his? Perhaps while singing show tunes? He has actually used a piece of my yarn to measure out a level line on my wall so he knows I have yarn in the house but how much that point means to an average guy is debatable. I haven't tried to make a connection between yarn, knitting, and boobs so I doubt that it's made much of an impression.

In other words, when I scurry up to him and stomp my foot down next to his and suddenly belt out "OOOOOOOOKlahomaaaa...", I'm afraid he might come to the conclusion that I seemed ok for awhile, and then he discovered that I was really mentally handicapped.

At that point, I'll be forced to show him the sock and and commit hari kari with my #2's.

Wow, this is a rather pleasant problem to have!

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Nutty Knitter said...

You don't need to measure his foot. General rule of thumb is a person's foot is the same length from the wrist to the inside bend of the elbow. Try it. Have your kids try it. If it works for them, have your NGF try it. Bring it up as wacky trivia you read about on the internet and ask him if it's true. Then all you need to do is figure out how you can touch his arm and sneak a measurement compared to your arm.

That's the best I can come up with. Let me know how it turns out. Exciting surprise!