Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mid-Week Blather

Congratulations everyone on picking such a rockin' planet to live on.


There. I've done my part for Earth Day.

I'm also going to Earth Exchange after work for their 50% off recycled goods sale. I'm hoping the kids can find some clothes thtey like for summer. As hard as I try to impress upon them that we really can't afford to buy clothes for them, they insist on growing. I find it VERY RUDE. They are not buying into my new found philosophy of public nudity.

I'm feeling very ADHD today...Playing WAAAAYYY to much Rogue Traders. There is no way to physically be still while listening to their music. I defy anyone to walk through the grocery store while listening to "Watching You" and not get a little too funky with the romaine lettuce. It sure beats crying, but now I'm sure the staff think I'm bi-polar.

It's been kind of interesting to track my musical evolution over the past four months. FOUR MONTHS! My God! It seems like yesterday but it seems like ten years ago. I've heard about the stages of grief until I want to puke, what I reaaly want to hear is a discussion of what music people listen to while going through these stages. I arrange my Ipod by playlists that are all about my mood. How many other people have playlists called "Fuck Life", "Cranky Camper", "So Very Sad", "Gonna Kick Somebody's Ass", and finally "Gotta Dance".

I've been stuck on "Gotta Dance" a lot lately. Spring is hopefully here. Court dates are set. And I spent my lunch yesterday chatting on the phone with my NGF like a damn teenager.

Kinda takes the edge off.

I'm still swinging through the jungle, grabbing one vine and then the next, and it's unwelcome and scary and at times exhilarating. The vines are a little stronger, a little closer together. I just want to make sure not to look down.

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