Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

The jerk of a urologist called yesterday to inform me that he spoke to the pharmacy and I WAS WRONG. It wasn't $500 a month, it's only $274 SO SUCK IT!

Well, that's about $270 too much big boy so I s'pect ya'll better look at your college text books one more time and figure out something different.

You know, when people delight in finding out you're wrong and present you with a steaming turd and act like it's applesauce, it makes you think they might have some sociological issues.

Or it might make you think of your STBX.

This shitbag will run you over with the proverbial steamroller and then back up and roll over you again. Perhaps he will be giggling when he does it.

I've been working lately on confrontations. I'm trying to learn to express my feelings without curling up in a ball of angry silence or flying off the handle at inappropriate people (my two favorite reactions to living with an asshole for 17 years). It takes a lot of practice with everyday situations that I would normally just let go and feel like shit afterwards.

When I called the courthouse to check on where I was supposed to hand in the piece of paper from STBX's lawyer that said he received the name change paperwork, the woman literally would not let me finish a single sentence. She would jump in and assume what the question would be and each and every time, she assumed wrong. Perhaps I would have confronted her in the past but I probably would have just said "screw it", hang up the phone, and take a chance at finding the right person once I got there. It would have pissed me off and I would have been grumbling about it for an hour, driving everyone around me NUTS.

Not this time! I let this annoyance that passes for a civil servant (an uncivil servant?) talk her way into silence and then I said "Now that you're done telling me the wrong answer to a question I never asked, will you allow me to finish my sentence so I can get the proper information from you?"

She gawped a bit at me and then let me ask my question. She answered it. It took twenty seconds total once she shut the fuck up and stopped putting words into my mouth.

Next stop? The post office!

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Shelly said...

Don't you just love it? I had a semi-major medical issue over the weekend that required follow-up at a real-live doctor's office, so I called my insurance company (I'll save my complete insurance company "customer service" rant for some other time) to see what was covered, who I could go to, blah, blah, blah. The guy started yammering about stuff I didn't care about and already knew (I figured this was the easy stuff he remembered from training, and perhaps he was showing off?), and when he finally stopped talking, I did what I always do in those situations: I started my next sentence, calmly, with the word "Actually". As in, "Actually, I already know my in-network co-pay, and that I'm screwed on the Urgent Care coverage and that because I don't have dental coverage, I'm also not going to be able to hit up that oral surgeon that was recommended. I am ACTUALLY calling to ask (fill in blank)."

And the guy (because he was a complete fucking idiot, don't get me started) had no idea what the answer to my real question was.

Automatons. Non-thinkers. They are the people who use the word "always", and believe that just because they get a lot of calls about one thing, that EVERYBODY is calling about that one thing. It would be easier for them if that was truly the case, because it saves them from actually having to do anything or engage their brains. Talk about chronically lazy! I mean, it's one thing not to feel like doing the dishes and thinking yourself lazy, but, to be too lazy to THINK? Holy Shit! I feel so sorry for people like that--except when I get stuck with them, then I just want to jump up and down on their heads.