Friday, May 08, 2009

A Beautiful Day In The Trekkie Neighborhood

Might I recommend a little suggestion for Mother's Day?

Take a long lunch on Friday, eat your favorite food and imbibe in a huge ass margarita.

I can guarantee your afternoon will fly by in a slightly wobbly blur.

I can barely contain my excitement for the new Star Trek movie. Not being a confirmed Trekkie, I can at least carry my weight in a light hearted conversation regarding the series. In other words, I know what Tribbles are and I totally understand that the unknown actor/actress in the surface party will bite the dust within the first five minutes.

My kids will not suffer the old series and I...have to admit...that William Shatner...drives me NUTS! But they also mock the old Who when I just sit around and sputter that they don't understand how special effects technology has changed and that styrofoam rocks can be quite acceptable when one is willing to suspend their disbelief and just LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

But no, it doesn't wash with them young'uns.

I was completly thinking that the new Star Trek would be like the new Wolverine movie and would leave me cringing but the reviews are really good and I am PSYCHED! Simon Pegg as Scotty is enough for the price of admission. Now, if there were just some zombies, it would be HEAVEN!!!!

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