Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Has Gone From Suck To Blow

Same old post every year. I hate Hallmark holidays. I hate Mother's Day. In years past, it was always the "Let's go out for dinner" comment from STBX that would just drive a nail through my forehead. One of the many MANY times that I would be annoyed beyond comprehension and yet...shhhhhhh...not say a word.

When faced with a parent that was never a parent, that would just sit off in the corner and snark at everyone and be awful to be around yet felt like he could get off the parental hook by taking me out to dinner for mother's day and let me know "how much I appreciate you".

How about showing your appreciation 364 days a year by getting off your fat ass and acting like a father? Remember me? I'm the nerdy kid in centerfield, looking up into the sun and yelling "A LITTLE HELP HERE! I NEED A LITTLE HELP!" Oh, but that's right, you were too busy molesting your daughter, downloading porn off the internet, and hooking up with your girlfriend in World of Warcraft.

Naaa. I'm not bitter. Not bitter at all.

Yesterday was fun though.

I went down to Shepherd's Harvest and spent several hours cruising the vendors and the animals, freezing my ass off, and eating 200 pounds of kettle corn. I got to meet up with many, many friends from the cities and surrounding environs and when I got home, I found an envelope in my knitting bag. Someone had stuck money and food gift cards in my knitting bag at some point during the day. The kids each got a cash envelope as well.

I hope it never sounds like a broken record, but my friends are AMAZING.

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Bless them.