Friday, May 15, 2009

I Think I Will Name This Post Phillip

Today will be a better day. It will not involve profanity (unless someone REALLY deserves it), it will not involve parking illegally (since my kids don't have school today), and besides, today is Friday.

I haven't checked what the weather is going to be like this weekend but I'm planning on playing in the dirt with a friend of mine on Sunday. We're both too poor to buy into a CSA but we both want good food and if I really try to, I can squeeze a lot of food out of my home garden and hopefully, our community garden space. I've already plotted out what to can, what to freeze, and for what time of the summer on the family calendar on the fridge. I'm great at starting out with a bang but along comes August and I usually want to just sit in a heat induced stupor.

I'm thinking with two of us, we can motivate each other. Or at least, I won't be lonely when we're both sitting around in a heat induced stupor.

Plus she has a young daughter and hopefully her daughter will be able to assist in growing a few pumpkins. I used to grow pumpkins every year for my kids and I would baby them and nurture them and turn them so they would grow pretty. One year we had a pumpkin decorating party for my daughter's October birthday. Another year, we managed to grow a pumpkin that weighed 50 lbs. Yeah, not quite record breaking but when you're in Duluth, it's bigger than most.

Saturday will be putting my garage in order for a sale, hopefully next weekend. As I've been paring down my life, I've just been throwing things out in the garage in horrifying piles of awfulness. Currently, you can't get into our garage without a guide rope and a miner's lamp.

By the time Monday rolls around, I'll probably need a day off.


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