Monday, May 11, 2009

Leaving Internet Trails

Finally, the Duluth News Tribune has caught up to February in their matters of record.

I leave this as a trail of breadcrumbs to anyone looking for STBX and wondering what kind of a person he is. He also goes by T.C or Liam.

"Tracy C. Shaddox, 45, (deleted address), Duluth, criminal sexual conduct, released on own recognizance, omnibus hearing March 9."

If you find this trail of breadcrumbs when you're wandering through the forest, I beg you to take a closer look.


Annie said...

completely OT, GREAT banner. Yes I saw matters of record, and I'm sure plenty of (maybe old like me) people saw it too, maybe not understanding context. I walk by there all the time, not realizing what goes on behind facade of boring housefront.

tamara said...

okay... so this is completely random and unrelated, but do you have a garden plot at Cook Home? I think we might be garden neighbors! (this is tamara from PDD...)

do you need any seeds? i have extra cucumbers, onion sets, and garlic...

Debbie said...

Help Me! I have garden plot 9 3/4's! I have been up to Cook Home four times, trying to determine which one is my plot! I've talked to Joel on the phone once and via email once and he says he will meet me up there to point out which is our plot but we just can't connect.

When are you up at your plot? Maybe if I meet you up there you can show me where the heck I'm supposed to be. We had it tilled and I was going to judge our plot by that but it looked like someone else was working on it.

I'd LOVE some garlic and cukes!

tamara said...

hey hey, you are right next to ours. they have not tilled yet... sometime this week. i think there is a sign with your name on it in the middle of your plot, but it is hard to explain where it is. lol... yes, let's meet up. drop me an email at