Sunday, May 10, 2009

Boldly Going

I have just had a cross generational nerd-gasm.

Star Trek was de-lish. Of course, Simon Pegg was PERFECT as Scotty.

There were so many perfect little moments that some people might not have caught but old farts were lovin' on.

Most wonderful part of the whole movie? At the end when we stood up to leave. There was a guy that had to be sixty or so who had come to the movie by himself and he was still transfixed even at the end credits. My daughter laughed and said "It's time to go now!" And he was just absolutely in his own delighted nerd-world. "But I have to see the credits! I LOVE the special effects!"

Now the trekkies know how I feel about the new Dr. Who. Favorite character AND pretty effects.

Now, if only Steven Moffett could make a Dr. Who movie, I just might wet myself.

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Shelly said...

*sigh*...but which of the lovely side-kicks would they have in the movie?

Never mind, it's two hours, they can fit them ALL in. And a Torchwood movie, while they are at it, would be amazing. OR! At least have Captain Jack in the Dr. Who movie...