Thursday, May 28, 2009

Super Size It?

When one works across the avenue from the Family Sauna (the only "family" in "Family Sauna" is the kind of family STBX was into...), one has a tendency to see many interesting and peculiar things.

I've seen people I know from being out and about in the community stop in for a ummmm, how should I say it, chat?

They enter and exit looking so furtive that there is no doubt why they were there.

Everyone needs time in the sauna every now and then.

I've also watched the working girls enter, followed in a minute by their clients, but today was a first.

I learned that they have a drive up window.

One of the frightenly thin and consistently drunk ladies that is fond of the street corner out front lurched up to the front window which was open by about 6 inches. She proceeded to hike up her skirt and reach for something around her waist that looked like a money belt. She passed it through the window and in return, got a string of what looked like Marde Gras beads. She then wrapped them clumsily around her ankle and tried to hike them up to her thigh. In the process, they broke and scattered all over the sidewalk.

She then threw up her hands and stumbled off down the street.

Wow. I don't know what the hell it was all about, but did anyone get fries with that?

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