Monday, June 29, 2009

Adjudicate This!

Do you ever just get sick and damn tired of having your chain jerked?

I checked the court calendar this morning at 6:30 and our divorce hearing wasn't listed. When I called the court administrator this morning, she told me that it had been cancelled and the notation was "hope to settle".

Thing is, no one told me this.

Perhaps my lawyer didn't know? Can one side of a divorce action up and cancel a court date without telling the other side? Doesn't seem likely.

Which would mean that it sure would be nice if someone told me what the hell was going on.

STBX is still in town, does that mean he could sign divorce papers? I found out that I can track where he is located here before he goes into the prison system and here after he arrives. He will be heading to St. Cloud first and then who knows where. The sadly humorous thing is that all of his piss assed hateful requests during this divorce, meant only to hurt and delay the process, just might end up making a big fat headache for his lawyer. I can't imagine that it makes the divorce process any easier when you have to track your client down through the prison system.

Then again, delays also suck for me.

The criminal court process totally discounts the rights of the victim to know updated information regarding changes in court dates, et cetera but frankly, the fact that I had to find all this divorce crap out for myself and at 8 pm, I still haven't heard back from my lawyer when tomorrow was our court date, is ridiculous.

There is a seventh circle in hell, reserved strictly for lawyers.

Now, what the hell am I going to do with all this blue eye shadow???


Anonymous said...

You absolutely should have known that the hearing was cancelled. If you are the Petitioner, then I can't imagine the court cancelling the hearing without your attorney's okay. And if she okayed it, she should have let you know. You should be pissed. Sorry.


Shelly said...

Yes, sadly, the other party CAN just cancel. I found that out from a friend of mine in a similar situation as yours--her STBX abused her and the kids, she filed, HE cancelled the court date, and nobody said sh*t to her. Ain't it grand? Absolutely bullshit...

Debbie said...

Yes Shelly, you're right! It was his lawyer that cancelled it and my lawyer didn't know until this morning.

Kinda funny, he was happy to show up in court and act like an unprofessional ass as a representative to a pedophile but when it was his client's turn to show up in court in shackles, hmmmmm now that wouldn't be very fun, would it!