Sunday, June 21, 2009

And Now, A Momentary Diversion

Remember how I mentioned recently that this blog started out as a way to discuss knitting?

Holy Crap!


I finished this sweater right before the name change hearing and unfortunately, wore it that day. Currently, it is a symbol of our enslavement to our present last name. Plus it's too damn hot to wear it until fall and by that time, our bonds will have been severed.

I am nothing if not a hyperbolic drama queen.

If you're going to go down in flames, you might as well bring the charcoal and the hot dogs.

I also finished this tank top yesterday. It's a Pure and Simple pattern made with two stands of Tofutsie sock yarn that I got at Amazing Threads a few months ago.

It was supposed to be this side to side t-shirt that came as a free pattern but after knitting on it for a few inches, my inner knitter realized that it would look like a sack on a scarecrow.

I also had a startling revelation yesterday. At times, during the summer months, not enough wet stuff falls from the sky. When these conditions occur, one must actually apply wet stuff to the green stuff in the veggie garden or risk having a lot of brown stuff.

Also, it is necessary to keep the weeds at least two inches shorter than the flowers in the front yard or else it will look like the gardener has been distracted by other things in her life and just doesn't care about gardening.

Hey look! I just noticed that some flowers are blooming! And, astonishing as it may seem, the sky is occasionally blue.

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JB aka JayBee said...

"The sky is occasionally blue."

I like that.