Saturday, June 20, 2009

Not From The Chamber Of Commerce

Happy Grandma's Marathon Day.

So, what have I learned that I need to do today? Drive around the downtown area of course, running errands for things I didn't know about yesterday.

Let's face it, if you're familiar with all the road construction around here, plopping a marathon in the middle of it really shouldn't be all that much different. I am, however, leaving an hour early and packing an emergency supply of rations so that if I get stranded, there won't be another cannibalistic incident like last time...FYI: human thigh meat tastes like chicken.

I went to the knitting slumber party at Yarn Harbor last night and one of the gals asked if I was running today and I started to laugh at that thought but then I went, heck! (Cuz in my head, I'm the sheriff of Mayberry) I'm going to be doing that this fall, just not on a road. That's why a trail marathon is so great: in the woods, no one can see you vomit. Or poop. Or tend to your blisters and bloody bits.

THAT'S why it's far more civilized!

There is nothing uglier than watching a person run a marathon. I'm just sayin'.

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