Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Canine Conundrum

Is it sympathy pain? Or is it God, telling me that I am channeling my dog's physical spirit, thus making me SO MUCH BETTER than Ceasar Milan?

These are the questions that I grappled with this morning at 2 a.m when I woke up from a fitful sleep. Oh yeah, and whether or not I would throw up in court on Friday.

But the dog's just weird.

A few weeks ago, one of the dogs drank from a drainpipe and got a little GI distress. Then the other dog got sick. Well, I can understand that, the poop was EVERYWHERE!

Then I got sick.

Hmmm. I worked in the medical field for enough years to know proper handwashing. If I do nothing else right in my life, I wash my hands very well thank you. (It will be mentioned in my eulogy one day. "She had the cleanest damn hands I've ever seen. Too bad her mouth was filthy.")

But, I figured I had slipped up somewhere. Between the poop and the vomit, there is always a slight chance that "the ick" will win.

Then one of the dogs developed symptoms of a bladder infection. He had four accidents in one day and had started giving me the exact same look that a middle aged woman gets when she laughs too hard. It is precipitated by a sudden and horrible realization that you have just pissed yourself.

(Hello??? Know any good carpet cleaners??? Of course ALL of this happened after the dogs chewed up the tube of purple paint on the carpet.)

Since it's not as frequent that a male dog gets a bladder infection, I chose to wait a bit and thanks to a wise friend, give him cranberry extract.

Yesterday, I developed symptoms of a bladder infection. Again. While taking daily antibiotics.

I was able to do a drive by at the urologists and give them a sample and then I went home and did the same for my dog. (That tupperware will NEVER be the same.)

Yes, he has an infection.

No, I don't.

Since I have interstitial cystitis, I frequently feel like I have a UTI and I am especially vulnerable when I am stressed out so, no real shock there. There is a chance that my antibiotics threw off the rapid test so we'll see if a culture grows out weevils or something.

But frankly, I'm going with the "channeling my dog's physical spirit" thing. It sounds far more interesting.

And I discovered that a urinalysis at the vet is cheaper than one at the urologists. Now, if only I can convince the vet to call me Rover and start a medical file on me, life will be SWEET!


Anonymous said...

Advice? Get rid of any and all carpeting in the house!

Look at carpeting from a microbiologist's pint of view. Ick.

Otherwise, buy gallons of the bioenzymes that "naturally digest" poop and vomit from carpet. $$$

Club soda works wonders, too. Or mix up a home brew of baking soda and warm water.

The only method that really saves time & money and forever removes the 'ick' factor for us has been removing the carpet forever (or at least from any rooms that the pets share). Hard surfaces are quick and much easier to clean.

Use washable throw rugs instead. Or paint the floor like a rug.

The added bonus of no carpeting is that the pets will then use their beds!

And that's the pet care tip of the week for saving tons of time and money! : )

conniewonnie13 said...

I use a bit of vinegar and a splash of dish soap in about 8 cups of really warm water. Soak the area with a plastic bag over it for 30-45 min. Pull the liquid out with dry towels. Repeat once or twice. This formula got cat pee out of my favorite, big stuffed chair. Kitty doesn't even sniff the spot anymore.

By the way, I f**king love reading your blog:)