Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Another Day On The Job

It sucks to be Hagrid.

You know, the Keeper of the Keys?

Especially when you lock those keys in your office.

Never let it be said that I'm not resourceful though. There are just days when you are forced to go into the office next to yours with a step ladder and ask nicely, "Do you mind if I put this ladder on your desk so that I might scale the wall over to my office?"

I think I saw something like this on Mission Impossible, only there was the added complication of laser beams or something. Aside from the laser beams, it was JUST LIKE THAT.

I ended up scaling the wall and sitting on top of my file cabinets as my co-worker handed the ladder over the wall so I could get down.

And then I dropped the ladder.

Now, the average file cabinet is only what, five feet tall? But put that in the context of having to jump down, miss the ladder that is now lying useless on the floor, and not trip and fall headfirst into the desk. Since I sit on a big blue ball instead of using a chair, I also pictured hitting the ball and careening back over the wall again and having to start all over. (Too many roadrunner cartoons as a kid.)

There was also the issue of maintaining my dignity in an office setting.

(Yeah, I THOUGHT that would make you shoot milk out of your nose...Never had it, never will.)

I did manage to jump down and do a cat like landing without any horrifying results.

I have now vowed NOT to wear pants without pockets to work, EVER AGAIN.

Just another skill to add to the resume...interoffice base jumping.

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Nancy said...

Been there, done that. My son-in-law and I (well, actually, he did it) locked his keys in his private office at the chiro clinic. No, the management company doesn't have copies of those keys.

Well, here we go, up into the ceiling panels. Unfortunately, the space was not big enough for him to crawl thru (and he's a small guy). So, there he is, hanging over the wall, and I'm holding his feet so that he can grab the coat rack and snag the lever-type door handle.

After much hilarity and laughter, he did indeed get the door open. Made for an interesting day at the office.