Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wax On, Wax Off

Everyone loves Corgis, right?
But stinky Corgis are no fun. Especially Professor Pissy Pants.

So we had a Sunday Morning Spa Day!

First up, grab your dog brush. It is at this moment that you think about all the poop on the carpet over the past few weeks, the DVD's that were chewed up, the magazines that were digested, and you pause and go hmmmmmm. Do I do a Joan Crawford? Or a Caesar Milan?

Sigh...PETA would KICK MY ASS

Caesar it is.

Take the appropriate substance that will render you able to deal with the situation at hand.

You think that's coffee in that cup, right? Really?

Cut up twelve carrots, three leeks, two onions, and add water and dogs

We're eating good tonight!

Apply water until dogs are appropriately pathetic looking

At this time, be sure to have your camera run out of batteries. That way, you won't be able to record the soaping and the rinsing and the shaking and the swearing.

Find more batteries and record the fact that you did not drown the dogs, nor did you eat them.

When finished, realize that you have another client patiently waiting his turn.


1 comment:

Rebecca Hartong said...

Jeez... consider yourself VERY fortunate that your dogs will at least stand still in the bathtub!

I just finished giving my little Bedlington Terrier pup (4.5 months old) a rinse-off in the kitchen sink and you'd think I was sticking needles into him, with all the crying and squirming.

It was deeply necessary, though. We've just come back from an hour and a half at the dog park and, after being drooled on by many larger dogs (including boxers and a St. Bernard) and then rolling around in the dirt while playing with his Yorkie friend, Rocco, he was one dirty puppy!