Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stop, Drop, and Sniff

As my kids can fully attest to, when mommy is feeling a bit overwhelmed, she likes to clean.

Yesterday was cleaning the carpet. Really cleaning the carpet. With a steam cleaner and a decided lack of anti-anxiety medications.

I've now gated off the living room so the dogs can't get in. The carpet is still a little damp and I want to keep them away from it until Mr. Pissy Pants has finished his antibiotics and I can be sure that he isn't dribbling like a Harlem Globetrotter.

I did have a bit of an out of body experience though as I was assessing the situation and spot treating the carpet before hand. I only wish a Jehovah's Witness had been standing on my porch, waiting to knock as I studied my carpet closely and repeatedly dropped to all fours and did a sniff test.

I, no doubt, came off looking like a rather exuberant Muslim, leapfrogging my way to Mecca.

This morning will be me, two Corgis and one bath tub.

I did consider my son's suggestion yesterday to just run the steam cleaner over the dogs but then I'd have to fill it with pet shampoo and that might void the warranty. Never let it be said that I don't follow the manufacturers advice.

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JB aka JayBee said...

Your wit is astounding, worrying that your dog might be "dribbling like a Harlem Globetrotter," all over your freshly cleaned carpet made me laugh out loud.