Saturday, June 27, 2009

When Are You Allowed To Call A Kid Crazy?

I can't say enough about my daughter's friends.

Maybe I'm discounting what most kids their age would do, but the fact that they would show up and be there for her at a highly uncomfortable event was great.

Except, that is, for the crazy stalker chick that has been haunting her every move for the past two years.

Yeah, amidst all of the crap that she has had to go through lately, I discover that a classmate has been stalking her, writing about how much she hates her yet can't seem to stop talking about her all the time. Even back when they were friends, I always knew that there was something "not right" about this child. She would come over to spend the night and want to spend time with me instead of my daughter. I felt awful because I figured her home life was crap and that was why she was so screwed up but frankly, she was annoying as hell and I wasn't looking to have a slumber party. There were a couple times when I contemplated calling either sets of her parents and asking them "WTF?" but I thought I might be blowing it out of proportion. Obviously not.

It hardly seems fair for an adult to be trash talking a teenager, but when this girl showed up at the sentencing yesterday and my daughter had to step outside of the mind fuck that was the sentencing and step into the mind fuck that is this girl, I was so angry I could have just screamed. A friend of mine witnessed her telling my daughter that she "just wanted to support her" but my daughter told her her that she wasn't welcome and needed to leave.

Thankfully, she left.

This is a girl that fancies herself a writer and revels in her mental health issues because they make her more interesting. She is so incredibly full of herself and lives so utterly in a world of her own creation that the simple phrase "I don't like you, leave me alone" doesn't even register.

I've learned about the depth of her sick drama only within the last few days. I knew that it was her mission to turn everyone within her grasp against my daughter but until I was presented with some of her actual online writing that clearly shows that she is one sick, obsessed puppy, I didn't realize how bad it was.

Perhaps the hardest thing to take is the fact that we had to listen to the mental train wreck that is STBX yesterday. The ramblings of a person that had so clearly built up a world in his own mind that was so out of touch with reality that to try to wrap your head around it was physically painful. Then I turn around and look at this crazy fucking stalker kid that can't get a damn clue. The similarities in their victim complexes is incredibly disturbing.

I am so sick and tired of dealing with people that can't understand when to just shut the fuck up and walk away.

I'm amazed that my daughter has been able to hold her shit together amidst all of this stupidity.

And I am completely at a loss for what to do. I've printed out this stalker kid's writings and I'm ready to turn a copy in to each set of her parents. Frankly though, I'm not sure it would have any effect. I don't have a lot of confidence in any of them either.

Kind of funny. Put the Boogey Man in prison only to find something lurking under the bed.

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Anonymous said...

Contact the school and confer with the principal. Don't stop now. Suggest that they discuss this stalking issue with the parents. Getting the school involved as an authoritative power may wake the parents up.

Visit parents in a semi-public place (not their home or yours)and bring a credible witness. Make sure your daughter and their daughter is present. Keep it simple. State your case. Hand out copies of the stalker's writings, and shine the light into their closet. If it starts to turn ugly, leave immediately.

If the girl or parents step over your boundaries, document and call 911. Or adopt a large dog with pearly white teeth and a deep bark.

You and yours have just climbed the mountain. But sometimes life keeps churning out the challenges. Keep the momentum going here and continue protecting your family without hiding under the covers, as much as you may want to do this at times...

Change now means to continue forward. Selling the house and moving elsewhere will be amazingly like shedding an old skin that you all have outgrown.

It's a good thing and you clearly have the support in numbers now.

Good luck to all of you. May you still find peace in the midst of all the external chaos.