Friday, July 03, 2009

Gone To The Dogs

A very dear friend is dog sitting for us this weekend.

When she reads "very dear", she'll no doubt throw up in her mouth a little but how else can I convey my discomfort and sorrow over the broken screen door and the poop on the carpet a mere fifteen minutes after coming over with the dogs.

Let it be said, here and now, that my dogs can get a leeeettttle excited and her dog, a combination of a Great Dane, Lab, and Clydesdale, takes poops bigger than my dogs.

Got the visual?

Now, for the uninitiated, Corgis THINK they are a combination of a Great Dane, Lab, and Clydesdale.

They are, in reality, a footstool.

A footstool stuffed with sawdust and mental retardation.

Or at least Shuggie is.

Which will explain why he spied the closed screen door and tried to run outside. My friend peed her pants laughing as she described his sudden stop as his nose went through the screen. He was quite puzzled by it and this might have led, a mere ten minutes later, to his Poopy Dance.

Poopy Dance is Shuggie's artistic interpretation of the fecal elimination process. It involves bouncing from one back foot to the other and spinning in circles. Once this little display begins, the pooping is imminent. My friend was laughing at him and I looked up to see what he was doing and before I could even begin that slow motion Vietnam flashback dive to the carpet, the pooping was underway.

It wouldn't have been so bad if there weren't two other dogs RIGHT THERE to step in it and grind it into the carpet.

It wasn't until later when all the dogs were outside that her dog got so excited that he lunged out of his collar and disappeared into the woods for a good twenty minutes.

He was recovered and duly rebuked.

Soon after, we left and after returning home, received a phone call that the rowdy children were settling gown.

Yeah...only about 46 hours of dog sitting to go. Good luck with that!


jess said...

Ummmmm dear friend you forgot that 20 minutes into the visit someone also peed on the couch....and that when we first went to let the dogs outside they made a break for it through the broken screen and we had to run across the yard to get two footstools and the above mentioned great dane/lab/clydesdale mix! :) the boys are doing wonderfully this morning, while he did not make it to the grass shugi did pee outside on the deck, and Kirby while he was outside peed on the leg of my pj pants, when are you coming back again :p I hope you & the kids have an awesome weekend, you all have earned it! And I'm sure I have done something to earn the wonderful weekend that lies before me!

Patrice said...

I can actually relate with your post. This happened when my neighbor visited us at home along with her dog. Then suddenly I noticed a big poop of her dog on my carpet. That was maybe because out of the excitement upon playing with my pet dog.