Monday, July 27, 2009

Super Woman Wasn't Always Super

Both kids are away at camp now. The dogs are looking at me, communicating in their plaintive looks, "DEAR GOD! STOP TALKING TO ME WOMAN! WHY MUST WE BE YOUR ONLY SOCIAL OUTLET????"

I'm telling myself that I will get up early and go to the gym and when I get home I'll do all the laundry and mow the lawn and perhaps, split the atom and develop green energy sources in the next four days.

Hmmm. The presence of kids has nothing to do with my ability to do any of these things.

After work margaritas?

Now you're talking!


Anonymous said...

I could use one of those margaritas right now!

superiorfan said...

Margaritas sound good but I'll have to settle for beer on the Kennel Club deck at the Huskies.