Friday, August 14, 2009

The Leaving-Part One

We're heading down to the cities after work today.

My daughter's flight goes out at 7 am tomorrow morning.

Her new school starts Monday.

I find myself stopped dead in my tracks every hour or so on the verge of tears. Then I'll remember something funny she said or did and it will make me smile and then I'll want to cry even more.

I'm bi-polar bear. Set up your cameras and make your nature film. Be sure to document my home dissolving before your eyes.

Having my head in the clouds has been rather inconvenient as it was only a couple days ago that I realized that I hadn't made any plans for the dogs. We're staying with relatives tonight and friends tomorrow night (not saying that my relatives aren't my friends but I'm guessing that my friends are glad they're not my relatives...). Thankfully, they can stay with the same AMAZINGLY SUPER AWESOME PERSON that they will stay with when we are on vacation. (I can butter you up some more Jess, just give the word). She is still ok with it even after reading that Shuggie has been splatter painting with his butt. She is either a very good friend or her problems with illiteracy have finally been found out.

By the way, the carpet is gone. It is in shreds in the garage. Their new food has been switched back to their old food in the interest of global peace, harmony, and hygiene.

So I'm hoping that I won't see my daughter off and then, two minutes later get a text message from my friend that says "Pick up carpet cleaner and drive it back to Duluth...NOW!"

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Anonymous said...

You are doing a brave thing, letting your daughter go off to school somewhere other than here. I went away to a boarding school for my junior and senior years of high school. It was the best experience of my life. I met so many wonderful people. Your daughter will have a wonderful experience. And she will miss her mom immensely. Chin up!