Thursday, August 13, 2009

Carpet Designed by Rorshach

Woke up this morning to a river of bodily eminences from one of the dogs.

There is no doubt now that I will be tearing up the carpet before I can afford a new wood floor.

The carpet is soaking, candles are lit, fans are on.

And I'm getting a migraine.

It's 6:58 in the morning. The only thing that will make this day any better is an outbreak of Bubonic Plague.


Rebecca Hartong said...

Ah, aren't doggies the best! Mine got me up at 3:30 yesterday morning -- whimpering like he wanted to go outside to pee. Trouble was, he'd already peed on the dining room floor and just wanted some water to tank back up on. (We take his water up at night to decrease the likelihood of just this sort of thing.) This morning, up at 5:30 but no inappropriate pee, at least. We've decided we've got to keep him closed in the bedroom with us at night. He seems to have decided the dining room floor is his own personal urinal but, if he can't get to it, he does hold off until I get him out on the front lawn in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Carpet makes wonderful garden paths!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, cute little doggies you've got there! But I have you beat on the peeing and pooping arena! I have 2 giant rotties! One weighs just under 200 pds the other just over 150! When they have accidents it smells like a sewer has exploded in our house! Last Christmas my Mom was sneaking them goodies all day long. That night they both had the runs and OMG they got the dining room, living room, family room and kitchen! It took us hours to clean up! I was tempted to bag it all up and set it on fire on Moms door step! ;o} Thanks for the private advice we are working on it now!
Tabatha (friend in folsom)