Thursday, September 17, 2009

And there will be balloons and a pony and a pinata...

You need to visualize just went to your mailbox and you have found a sparkly postcard with something like a rainbow and a unicorn and a fairy princess riding the unicorn over the rainbow and in bright purple letters it says

"You're Invited"

That's me, inviting you to be on the veranda of Hacienda on September 23 at 6 pm.

I am declaring it margarita and cinnamon chips night in honor of my birthday.

This year has been crap-on-a-stick. I have never, in all my soon-to-be 41 years had as many life changes as I have had over the last nine months.

The next year will be better.

And this is how it will start.

Keep in mind, Hacienda is a small place and we must be able to sit outside if we are going to be comfortable so you can get me one thing and one thing only for my birthday...Good Weather!

Ha! It's not like I ask for much now, is it?


Anne : ) said...

Have a margarita for me too! Wish I could be there with you. Next year will definitely be better, trust me I know from experience. Love ya bunches!

superiorfan said...

I have a meeting over at the old library at 7 that night. A margarita before might do some good.

amyroz said...

Can't make it - I have a guild function upstairs of Beaners from 5:30 til 8 or 9.... Have one for me!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you, but tell you what - I'll have a margarita here at 6 pm! Enjoy and I am definately getting you that good wheather you asked for! Happy Birthday again! Enjoy!
P.S. Damn your old ;o} I don't turn 41 until April! Ahh, it's good to be young!

Anonymous said...

dear tina ,have a drink for me on your birthday ,wish i could be there .i love and miss you hope you are feeling better . and life will get better , there is a cloud with a silver linning just around the coner for you . love you mother or just katherine how ever you want it mom

JB aka JayBee said...

I work until 5:30 PM in Minneapolis, so the trek up would make me... maybe two or three hours late.

Happy birthday next week!

Anonymous said...

Have a couple for me too!!!! Wish I could be there - but it's a bit too far! Miss you!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!...and a much better year!

Love, Marcia