Monday, September 07, 2009

Holly Jolly Labor Day

Happy Labor Day. Hopefully you're celebrating it by non-laboring.

I'm discovering that spending 80% of my time lying down with a squiffy gut makes me feel lazy. Then I get up and do stuff and I feel shaky and sweaty. Then I lay down and feel lazy again.

Hooorah! It's been a FABULOUS long weekend. I won't even begin to describe the newest aspects of my GI issues. Suffice it to say, I'm wondering what size adult diapers I should buy because the constant laundering is getting me down.

I did manage to force myself out into the garage and down to the basement for some more cleaning.

I have eliminated all Christmas decorations from my house except for one strand of lights. I'm thinking about stringing them around my head and plugging myself in for cheap and exciting evenings at home.

I am the sole reason why the republicans bitch about the liberal "war on Christmas".

Many decorations belonged to STBX's family. Some came to us as gifts, some as inheritance, all had baggage.

I always did a good Christmas when the kids were little but as they got older and I became so incredibly annoyed with the materialistic aspects of the holiday, I toned it down so much that it ends up being a lot like any other day. The hallmark of our Christmas is homemade cinnamon rolls and a nice big meal and spending time together.

The fact that life fell of a cliff last year on December 19th also comes into play here. No matter how much I try to separate personal experiences from holidays, I just can't. We didn't celebrate Christmas last year. We huddled in a bunker with shell shock.

Mother's Day? Not a fan. Father's Day? Don't make me laugh. Valentines Day? Love ones died on Valentines Day. Not feeling particularly festive. Groundhogs Day? I think that rodent is a lying rat-bastard.

And Christmas? Christmas is a box of decorations for Goodwill. It is an empty house and a hollow heart. It is society telling me I NEED TO BE HAPPY when that is the last thing that I feel. It's a culture that says "This is the time of year when you need to be kind to strangers and do good things for your fellow human beings" when that is what we should all do every day, not just when it's fashionable.

Goodwill has the last of the decorations that are salable. The garbage man has the ones that are junk. Funnily enough, two houses down had their garbage out and there were Christmas lights spilling out of their trash can as well. I wanted to go up and knock on their door and ask them "So, what's your story?"

*Added later: This was my daughter's drawing last Christmas eve. Yeah, it pretty much sums up our lives at that moment:

Nothing to do with the above by *mshizuko on deviantART


Anonymous said...

From the DNT front page: Back to school: Going to kindergarten, becoming a woman.

I did not read the article. I was shell shocked by the header. WTF!?
Shall we have some T-shirts printed up?

Funny you missed this...

Although I understand the GI upsets can turn your life literally inside out. Hope you get better!

Now about those T-shirts...?

Debbie said...

Let's make our young girls into women at the tender age of five and then wonder why pedos get turned on by the ads for Kohls and Wal-mart.

I remember an episode of "Family Guy" that had the mom shopping for shirts for her teenage daughter and she pulled one off the rack and said "Oh look honey, here's a cute one, it says 'Sperm Dumpster'."

There's always the baby style t-shirts that say 'porn star'. Those really exist, I have seen them with my own eyes. I've seen them on the bodies of pre-pubescent girls.

Now that would be an epic fail for a parent...

On another note, nothing in the screaming headlines of the DNT would surprise me. I only read it when it is presented to me free of charge at work and even then I feel like I've paid too much for it.

superiorfan said...

Found the article online, real waist of news print. It appears now that the newspaper has fired most of the journalists they are turning to anything sent in to fill space.

I often wondered what happens later in life to the children that are entered into those "child beauty pageants"? I find those all out creepy.

If a 4 year old is going to wear makeup let them put it on themselves. My friends daughter got into some eyeshadow and it was hysterical. Of course photos were taken. Looked like she might have been the winner of a blueberry pie eating contest.

Debbie said...

Believe it or not, there is now some sort of reality show on cable (don't subscribe myself)that follows these young beauty pagents and their overbearing parents.

Just more rubber necking at car wrecks as far as I'm concerned. Any Jon and Kate Plus 8 observations here?

Some people only watch tv to see a family or person disintegrate before their eyes. I suppose that's supposed to be entertaining?

superiorfan said...

Did away with my satellite TV a couple of years ago. I miss the History Channel and Biography channel the most but was not watching it enough anyway.

Found the Superior Library as a good source for videos/dvds. Good selection of classic movies. Also lots of history stuff, but you can only watch so many videos on WWII.

Kids watch too much TV. Helping a friend move over the weekend (I have a small truck) and some neighborhood kids were playing COPS complete with theme song.
"Get off the bike and on the ground with your hands behind your head"