Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Five Dollah, No Hollah

Finding money squirreled away in my purse makes me giggle. Not gonna lie.

I don't squirrel it away on purpose, it's usually just change that gets thrown into my purse after a transaction and I'm too lazy to put it in my wallet.

I found FIVE DOLLARS today!

Yeah, that's like a large percentage of my grocery money for two weeks.

And even better, I was sitting out front of the gas station, getting ready to run in for a gallon of milk.

(I'm fighting the urge to toss my cookies right now and I made the conscious decision to buy 'gas station milk' as opposed to 'grocery store milk'. Yes, I'm spending more but I HAD FIVE GOD DAMN DOLLARS! It was burning a hole in my pocket man! And IF, mind you, IF I found myself tossing my cookies in public, I certainly didn't want to do it in a place that I frequented.)

So amidst the nausea and the cold sweats and the body shakes that come with the pain that I'm having in my guts, I started to giggle out loud.

And then I started to get out of the car.

And then I started firing off one of my favorite movie quotes...or a version thereof...

"I'm gonna get me a FIVE DOLLAH MILKSHAKE!"

And then I looked at the truck that was parked RIGHT next to my car. With the window down. And the NRA sticker. And possibly a white sheet crumpled up in the bed.

The dude looked alarmed. As if I were CRAZY or something.

The dude did not abide. (ooops. That's another movie.)

I flashed him my most brilliant smile and said in my best' crazy cat woman from the hood' voice: "Don't worry brothah! I ain't crazy!"

Dear God in heaven, I have an appointment at the Community Health Center tomorrow for my guts. I think I just might be insane by then.


tamara said...

You are not paying more for milk at the gas station. It is much, much cheaper. We buy our milk at the gas station, too.

If you consider going to Cub, which is a little more expensive than SuperOne but less expensive than Mount Royal, two gallons of whole milk cost $7. At the 9th Avenue Spur, which is very close to my house, two gallons of whole milk cost $5.

At Wrazidlo's Old Meats, where they sell fresh creamery milk, two gallons of whole milk are $6. You can buy the same delivered-fresh-daily two gallons of milk down the street at the Amoco station for $5.50.

Do not get sucked into the grocery store is cheaper, because it is not. :)

Debbie said...

Hey, that's good advice. I wonder how many other people are hiding covert pricing information that they'd like to share...