Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Does This Fur Coat Make Me Look Fat?

Too bad I don't have a Princess Leia slave girl action figure to place next to the cat.

Actually, the cat isn't getting bigger, the chair just keeps getting smaller.

It's sort of like Alice In Wonderland, except it's the furniture that shrinks instead of the pets.

That's what I keep telling him anyway. I wouldn't want to injure his self esteem.

The other pets don't feel this way though. They have begun to stage rather heated interventions.

The dogs couldn't agree if it's the carbs or the lack of exercise that's the main culprit.

The cat just gazed into the kitchen and plotted how to eat a hole in the cat food bag and never come out again.

No resolution was reached.

I think it's time to invest in that Princess Leia slave girl figure and call it a day.

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