Saturday, November 07, 2009

Saturdays Are For Painting

I'd like to smooth the waters a bit today. I'm aiming for a universal Zen like calm in the universe. What shall we discuss?
Gay Marriage?
Gay married people that want to get abortions?
Gay married people that want to get abortions and have the government pay for them while also subsidizing the removal of granny from her ventilator?

Yeah...I'm still working on that Zen thing.

Perhaps I should limit my discussions to the ever popular, thrill a minute topic of painting.

I will be painting in our mudroom today. Since I'm still waiting for the bathroom window, I can't do anything there but I'm feeling the need to tape up the living room and corral the furniture.
I can foresee breaking out the red paint for trim today.

I've been dying to break out the red.

Red is the color that I have been lately. Red purse, red sweater, and soon to be red trim. The way I paint, I'll soon be covered head to toe in red and then go out to pick up my mail.

I will be the source of all the zombie apocalypse rumors emanating from Lakeside.

No, I don't want your brains, just your body. In my house. With a paintbrush.

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Anonymous said...

You crack me up, and I miss you like a foot misses its fav sock. :( I am going to have to come over and chew the baseboards and such 'cause my seperation anxiety is in high gear. Oh wait. I have to work... scratch that baseboard chewing. I will have to work it into my schedule. Such is my life. BAH!