Thursday, November 19, 2009

What is "X" if y=stupidity?

Have you ever had an experience where you look at something and know that you have seen it before but in reality, it might as well be some strange alien artifact?

Or cuneiform?

Or algebra?

Yeah, I didn't have to take a math placement test for college since I actually have college math credits (Twenty years ago, scratching sums in the dirt with a stick. Kinda like public schools today in Alabama.)

But since I was ready to resign myself to mouth-breather math class, it was recommended that I volunteer to take the math placement test just to be sure.

When the first algebra question popped up it was kind of like someone holding a gun to my head and demanding "Flirgurtimkiii Myefoootikilgului???"

I ended up guessing on half of them. My score was 56%. Does that mean I'm really good at guessing or really bad?

I was going to hold off and not take a math class the first semester but since it will take me three successful semesters of math (notice the qualifier) to get where I need to be and since I really only need two semesters of classes to get everything else, it would behoove me to suck it up and start taking math right off the bat.

It was rather weird though, taking a test with a bunch of much younger people. Since I only had to take the math portion and everyone else had to take math and English, I got done very quickly.

Well, guessing on half of the questions is also a great time saver.

But standing up and leaving the computer lab was a little like doing the walk of shame.

"That's right bitches! I'm re-tah-ded!"


Moisha said...

Isn't is great to know how I feel? :D

Bad Cat! said...

I had a similar situation when I went back to school. Large room, lots of young students, and four different versions of the test.
They explained that each test was a different level and had different subject matter. They recommended that you should take the highest one you felt you could work with, as it was better to do so-so on a harder test then to ace an easy test.
I walked up, passed right by level 4 and 3, then settled on level 2.
Five minutes later of silence and pencil scratching, I walk all the way to the front of the room, put my level 2 test back, and pick up a level 1 test, then head all the way back to my seat to sit between people 10+ years younger than me.
That was a totally awesome feeling! Underqualified! Woo hoo!!!

Anonymous said...

hay wauch the alabama jokes i have some real smart grandkids there .they even have pencils not sticks

Debbie said...

Did I say Alabama? I meant Mississippi!