Friday, December 11, 2009

Before And After

Many years ago, I listened to readings from "The Disappearance" by Genevieve Jurgensen on This American Life. It was on an episode called "Where Words Fail". I purchased the book, read it, and placed it back on my book shelf.

I used to have a lot of books but now? Not so much. I recycle books. I find them in odd places and pass them along when I'm done.

Except for a few. The books that I have kept are littered with marginalia and underlined passages. I have a couple of index card files filled with quotes that I have copied down, words and phrases that roll around in my head and heart.

I never realized that The Disappearance had a subtitle until I pulled it off the shelf yesterday. "A Primer of Loss".

Sometimes, the things we need most are right there in our hands.


Geneviève said...

Thank you for these lines. They have been sent to me by an American friend. And, from Paris, a warm hello to you!
Genevieve Jurgensen

Debbie said...

I cannot begin to express how much your book has meant to me. Knowing that you managed to endure the worst nightmare that I could imagine and you managed to survive gave me strength to go on. Thank you.