Sunday, January 07, 2007

Time and Relative Dimension in Knitting

Just when I said I was going to swear off knitting "odd" things, an idea struck idea that will reveal my inner geek for all to see.

I need to knit a TARDIS.

And as I searched the internet for photos in which to draw up my pattern, I found this

I have, of course, ordered a copy.

I should not be allowed on google without adult supervision...

I still want to make up my own pattern, I'll use a Jean Greenhowe type approach but I'll make it 3-D with plastic canvas and I'll make it so it can be opened. And of course, it will be far bigger on the inside...

If you are a person who tries to hide their inner geek, you might want to avoid any conversation with another geek in hushed tones in public. This only draws in the muggles. And when the muggle approaches you right after your last sentence of "Tom Baker was my doctor" and asks "Does he work for St. Mary's or St. Luke's?" You will then be forced to cast your eyes down in shame and mumble..."Neither, he's a Time Lord." When they look perplexed, you'll add in a louder voice..."He's a Time Lord...for St. Luke's." At this point, it's best to just walk away.


Guinifer said...

Whereas I am a huge fan of the latest resurrection of Dr. Who. Chris Eccleston will always hold a place in my heart, and Billie Piper gets my vote for the best componion EVER. (sniff - I still can't believe she's gone...)

Minnesota Mazzio's said...

You are the best... You know I love reading this right?


Debbie said...

Tom Baker was the Dr. of my childhood but I love the new series! It's been a blast getting my son into it, we've been watching old episodes on YouTube and new episodes on NetFlix and tv.