Friday, May 04, 2007

Rubbing sticky elbows with your neighbors

There are many reasons why I really love this town. It's small enough to run into people you know whereever you turn, and big enough to have a decent bit of culture. But the one true and undeniable reason why I love this town?


Yes, yes, for the unintiated, the city of Duluth has a Lion's Club fundraiser every year in which thousands, if not tens of thousands, of pancakes are consumed. There are huge bowls of butter, enough bottles of syrup to build a very fun castle (I had that thought run through my mind last night as I picked up my syrup), many bath tubs full of fruit topping, and enough sausage links to make every vegetarian in Minnesota weep.

I kid you not. It is like a rock concert, only with more carbohydrates and less weed.

You see the lines and you think F@ck! I'm not waiting in a line like that for f#ckin! pancakes! What is this? The Soviet Union?????

But the Lions, did I mention that I think they should be coordinating troop movements in Iraq? From the time that we joined the line to the time that we had our plates? 15 minutes. They get the shit done right.

The girl child was feeling coquettish

The boy child was feeling hungry.

There were young people, old people, rich, poor, city council members, and people that actually work for a living....the former chief of police? He was frying up my pancakes.

There is just a fun sense of community that happens. Like we're a town of 50 and we're all gathered around for a graduation party in Joe's garage.

Hey everyone, tomorrow night, we're having dinner at my place, and you're all invited!

By way of disclosure, 34 years ago in Clio, Michigan, I needed eyeglasses and the Lion's Club helped my mom to get them. In case you don't already know this, the Lion's ROCK!

As an aside, 13 years ago at this very moment I know exactly what I was doing. Today is boy child's birthday. Tonight will be spent trying out Burrito Union and seeing Spiderman.

Happy B-Day Ry!

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Speedcat Hollydale said...

Those must be some wicked good panna-cakes. :-) LOL

I was just in Duluth. Contrary to "a post someone did", I like Duluth. Very pretty this time of year. Ohhh dem` hills!!

Speedcat Hollydale