Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Minnesota Powerless

It is dark here.
I am translating this memo via teletype.
Yesterday was windy. Very windy. Apparantly there was a 40+ mile an hour wind yesterday that lasted for a couple of minutes. Long enough to knock down trees. My tiny little patch of corn was mostly knocked over on its side. It looks like the munchkins were making crop circles. Oh, and the wind? It knocked out the power of course.

When my kids called me at work yesterday and said we didn't have any power, I really didn't think much about it. We are customers of Minnesota Power. What does that mean? It means that we have power outages when it rains, we have power outages when it is windy, and we have power outages when the sun shines.

I have lived in big cities, I have lived in small towns, but I will honestly say that I have never been a customer of any power company like this. With no explanantion at all, your lights will just go off every couple of weeks. Not for long, mind you, just long enough to screw up every electrical clock in your house.

Now at a time like this, when over 20,000 customers in Duluth are feeling the awe inspiring power that is Minnesota Powerless, it might seem like I'm kicking them when they're down. I'm not. I'm not complaining about the present situation. Gale force winds knock down power lines and people need to realize that Mother Nature trumps all.

No, I like to kick Minnesota Powerless when they are up. I like to complain about them when they are simply inept.

So I will shut up about the fact that I have no power right now.

But next month? When the sun is shining bright and I'm sitting at my computer and all of a sudden my house goes dark (and the majority of my neighbor's houses don't) I will commence with the bitching.

to all a good night.

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