Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mental Health is Overrated

There has been a lot of crap going down with my health lately that I haven't mentioned here because it always makes me sigh and mutter "yeah, yeah, yeah..." when I read the litany of complaints that some people put on their blogs about their health. Then eleventy-two people respond and you have a little clique that has bonded over their victim-ness and it de-volves into a big pity party.

Or maybe that's just how I read it.

Anyway, I have been married for sixteen and a half years and one thing I have had to learn through the accelerated curriculum at the school of hard knocks is that my husband is not a caretaker. I won't go so far as to say he is a hypochondriac but whatever you mention aloud as being your problem quickly becomes a problem that he is suffering from as well. Of course, he seems to be suffering much more than you ever will so please take note. I seem to recall early in our marriage when his responses to my infrequent complaints mirrored my own so much that I told him "Hey! My ovaries hurt...Do yours???"

This has also led me, over the years, to let his complaints wash over me with little response on my part. After one weekend early in our marriage when he pointed out a mole on a friday and said he thought he had skin cancer and of course I freaked out and got all in a dither. By Monday morning I was researching which doctor to call and I mentioned to him that he needed to make an appointment and his response was "Oh that was was a scab and it fell off yesterday."

Yeah, so unless I see arterial bleeding or he drops dead at my feet, he's pretty much on his own...

All this to say, I've felt really crappy lately. The kind of crappy that keeps you in bed for three days straight. The kind of crappy that makes it hard to breathe, move, and exist. The kind of crappy that makes you stop in the middle of the street that you are crossing with the sudden realization that something is horribly wrong with your body, you don't have health insurance, and the only person you have in your life to really comfort you is yourself. And then you start bawling in public and by the time you get to the sidewalk, you're a blubbering idiot.

Good thing I was in the part of town where all the drunks hang out. I don't think anyone suspected a thing...

So I have decided that I need to do a little exercise in self comfort. And if anyone else has any suggestions out there, I'm all ears...

I've been eating gluten free for awhile, just to make sure all of my problems haven't come from a wheat allergy. This has me shopping at the co-op and local grocery stores for over priced foods that generally taste like crap. Then, I learned about Sustenance Artisian Breads in Superior, WI. OH MY GOD!!! They make gluten free bread that tastes like the best normal bread in the world. They also make gluten free pizza and desserts that totally rock. They are at 1323 N Broadway in suite 150. It's the same building as The Red Mug. They also make normal breads. I suggest calling ahead and reserving things, they are very popular! I actually ate a sandwich today. It was a joy to behold.

I also love me some homemade soap. My favorite soap goddess is my friend Kathy from Shepherd's Choice. I just took a shower and broke into a new bar of soap and I was actually enjoying the process of deciding which one to use next. I believe this is the prime indicator that I have no life.

Next up, I am a big fan of funky little fabric stores and Japanese fabrics. My Minnesota location is Crafty Planet. My national favorite is Super Buzzy.

Television shows? Well, let's see. I love shows that explore other cultures in interesting ways and I am the snark queen so can you guess what I watch? Why, No Reservations of course! And as I've mentioned before, Dr. Who, Torchwood, and the X-files keep me pleasantly occupied when I need my time traveling, alien abducting, hot man on man action. Am I the only one that fantasizes about Captain Jack and Mulder?

And last but not least, I am in love with Pottercast, Threadbangers, Collide, and the movie Across the Universe.

So, what are you're favorite comforts??


Rebecca Hartong said...

I really enjoy apocalyptic fiction. Not the Christian kind, though that can be fun if it's especially well-written. I'm think more of the "How I survived the atomic annihilation of 99.9999% of earth's population and learned to make a nifty campfire in the process" kind. "Atlas Shrugged" is a good one. Depending on how bad you're feeling health-wise, though, you might want to avoid the books where it's some kind of pandemic that kills people off. It can be a little freaky reading "The Stand" when you've got a touch of bronchitis.

Tina Shaddox said...

Rebecca, how about Alas, Babylon? That is one of my favorite books. I've read it way to much...

cowpops said...

I usually pull up youtube with a playlist of musicals, and I sing like a wild-woman. Recently I've jumped to Sweeney Todd for obvious reasons, but yeah. Even the essence of cannibalism seems to cheer me up sometimes..

Rebecca Hartong said...

"Atlas Shrugged"????!? What was I thinking? I meant "Alas, Babylon". Jeez... two words, first one starts with an "A". Some days I'm so easily confused... I think I need a glass of wine.


Anonymous said...

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