Thursday, March 27, 2008

In Case of Emergency-Open Your Crayons

So, it was 6:40 this morning and I was rushing into Walgreens to purchase some crayons.

Actually I just needed to get some crayons for a prize at our staff party today and this morning was the only time I could do it. The thing was, I ran in the store, grabbed the crayons and ran up to the counter. There wasn't anyone at the register but apparantly another customer had gone to find them. This meant that both the clerk and the other customer approached the counter as I was waiting there.

"Other Customer" was a suit wearing a businessman and when he saw that I was purchasing two boxes of crayons he snorted loudly and said "Well, it looks like someone is doing some emergency coloring!"

I gave him my most withering look and told him that yes, it was an emergency coloring session and I paid and left. Of course it wasn't until I got out to my car that I thought of the proper response.

"Actually I just shot someone out in the parking lot. That's why I'm buying two packs of 24 crayons. I have a lot of holes to plug."

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