Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday Morning Coming Down

What better way to start a beautiful morning than with a brisk hike at Amnicon State Park outside Superior, Wisconsin.

I went there with the only family member that was willing to go on a brisk hike at nine a.m on a Saturday.

The weather was beautiful and the mosquitos were well behaved.

We scrambled around on some rocks and discovered shallow pools of water which were excellent for taking a tenetative dip.

A funny side note to this photo is that on our way down to this pool, we discovered what I think the rangers might call "scat" but which I lovingly refer to as an enormous pile of shit. I had never seen anything of this magnitude in both size or stench and of course the dog totally wanted to lie down and roll in it. Thankfully I had him on a leash or else it would have been a loooooong ride home. I wanted to take him down to this pool because it looked like he could cool off in it but unfortunately, a mom with three small children followed us down the rather steep embankment apparantly thinking that we weren't idiots and we knew what we were doing. It really wasn't water that I would let my kids wade in and the only other attraction was the fetid feces. Sorry mom, didn't mean to lead you astray!

After the quick dip, it was time to show off the incredible skills of the Mountain Corgi...skills at posing that is.

After visiting the falls, we went on the nature trail which was a couple miles of beautiful vistas

dappled groves

and Meadow Corgis

I've been trying to get out and walk some of the trails in the Duluth city parks on weekends and I'm finding that a lot of them are not very easy for me, not because of the difficulty level but because I am a total klutz. I'm happy to go up hill and down hill but when you put rocks and tree branches in my way, I'm going to trip and fall. Asking me to look around and enjoy nature while at the same time, moving forward under my own volition is a clear indication to me that you don't know me very well. I can watch the path and watch my feet or I can look at my surroundings. Make up your mind and cut me some slack.

I found this nature trail to be well groomed, well marked, and accessible to people who might be a little special. I am speaking of myself here.

And when we were all done, happily tired and looking back on the great time we had, I spotted this


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But I suppose if you interpret the sign in a "Splitting Hairs" sort of way, all you would need to do is let the dog off the leash...